Welcome to Vv Wellness, where our wish is to have each person we touch leave with a sense of well-being and ease.

To enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle it is essential to regularly clear and rejuvenate our body’s energy and restore inner peace.  Reflexology, Reiki and Polarity are non-invasive techniques that complement most medical treatments and therapy.

Clients are encouraged to relax and become more in tune with their bodies, improving their mind-body connection, promoting balance and healing within the body to reach a point where stresses the body holds, mentally and physically, can be released.

A session at Vv Wellness can benefit each and every individual, in any number of different ways…

•   Unwind from a busy life by taking an hour for yourself
•   Relieve Stress and Tension
•   Invite balance back into your body
•   Alleviate sinus congestion from allergies or colds
•   Reduce pain
•   Loosen stiff joints and arthritic pain

Special Package Pricing 
Save 10 to 15% when you purchase a package of 3 or more treatments!

Referral Bonus
10% off your next session when someone you refer books with us!

To further empower you Vv Wellness has joined forces with Vi-Trinity Life Coaching!  Our life coaching is based on using principles of the Universal Laws, with respect to the client’s “trinity” (mind-body-spirit) alignment.   Check out the Life Coaching page to learn more!